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Eye Care

aroma-lisse-dark-circle-eraser_1Aroma Lisse 2-In-1 Dark Circle & Eye Wrinkle Eraser

The latest innovative eye care to correct the first signs of ageing

Instantly smooth away fine lines and brighten dark circles around the eyes with this unique, innovative & new generation gel-cream. Has  Mandarin Essential Oil, clinically proven to protect and repair cells, with Galanga, Yeast and Ruscus Extracts which plump the skin, reduce puffiness and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Contains illuminating gold pigments which neutralise dark tones under the eyes giving it a brightening appearance. The expertly designed silicone wand allows perfectly targeted and effortless application to the eye area, leaving you with smoother, brighter, more youthful-looking skin around your eyes.

In tests, 81% of users witnessed smoothed lines and wrinkles and 100% saw a more moisturised and brighter eye contour.* Suitable for skin showing the fist signs of ageing.



Morning and evening, after cleansing, place a drop of the gel-cream on the inner corner of your eye. Using the applicator carry out light smoothing movements towards the outer corner of the eye.

Use your fingertips to repeat this technique twice and finish by smoothing the frown line area and supercilliary arch.



  • Yeast Extract
  • Ruscus Extract
  • Oat Extract


Prolagene Lift – Lift & Brighten Eye Cream
A double-action eye cream to firm up and add radiance to the eye area

This eye cream has a double-action formula – to lift and firm the eye contours, and to boost radiance. It has Eye Tech Peptide with L-Proline Complex to boost micro-circulation, giving support to the skin’s structure and improve elasticity and tone. The innovative applicator at the end of the pump and spatula have been expertly designed to encourage massage techniques that enhance drainage, help reduce puffiness and lift the area around the eyes. Luminosity is also restored using brightening Eye Light Technology that combines pearlescent particles and soft powders to conceal dark circles and fine lines. The result is eyes that look rested and radiant, wrinkles smoothed and eyelids appear lifted.



Morning and night with Prolagène Lift range for a younger-looking & more radiant complexion. Suitable for mature skin types.

Dab onto cleansed skin around the eyes, pressing lightly on the base of the applicator. Then use the massage spatula to gently smooth from the inner corner of the eye outwards.



Active ingredients:

  • L-Proline Complex – a combination of the L-Proline Molecule and Soy Extract to act on collagen and boost fibroblasts, helping reactivate skins firmness.
  • Iris Essential Oil – helps protect fibres against glycation and stimulate the quality of elastic fibres, boosting the skins elasticity.
  • Hyaluronic Acids ̐ a combination of low and high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acids to fill in wrinkles on the surface and deeper down.