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AROMASSAGE Treatment at RM 160.00                                                    1 hour 15m-30m 

Decleor devotes its own special art of massage to your face. From your hairline to neckline, our therapist’s trained fingers soothe and relax, filling your skin with a new breath of life. Uses techniques, exclusive to DECLEOR combining localized, gentle pressure with light sweeping strokes. The subtle and tactile precision of the massage melds with the powers of our Aromessence, rapidly inducing relaxation with amazing benefits.

# Essential – for a well hydrated skin

# Purify – for acne skin

# Bright – to lighten pigmentation

# Radiance – to even out dull and lifeless skin

# Youthful – to firm and lift sagging contours of the skin

facial spa centre in TTDI





AROMAPLASTY Treatment at RM 230.00                                                              1 hour 30m – 45m

Aromaplasty is a legendary that has become DECLEOR signature treatment. Easily adapted to each skin type targeting and meeting its specific needs.  With AROMAPLASTY, a 100% natural, multi-vitamin mask made from linseed powder, wheat germ and sunflower, your skin is hydrated, revitalized and rebalanced leaving a luminous appearance immediately after treatment.

facial spa centre in TTDI

PRECISION Treatment                                                                                                1 hour 45m – 2 hrs


It is a specific treatment designed and tailored according to specific skin needs. The treatment uses the power of Aromessence and a concentrate of specific-powerful active ingredients to act deep down to provide optimum performance.

Aroma Expert @ RM 320.00

# Essential – deeply hydrates skin

# Purify – combat acne skin condition

# Soothe – calms sensitive & fragile skin


# Brightening

# Happy Youth – AROMA LISSE

# Youthful – Lift Experience

# Youthful – Excellence

facial spa centre in TTDI


Diamond Face Peel ( Microdermabration )

* removes stubborn dead cells                                                       * reveal smoothness & radiance

* refines enlarged pores                                                                  * ease application of homecare products

* unclog congestion

# Diamond Face Peel                 RM230.00                                                                         1 hr 15m

# Diamond Hydration Peel      RM330.00                                                                         1 hr 45m

# Lite Peel (xpress peel)           RM150.00                                                                          0 hr 45m

# Diamond Eye                           RM120.00                                                                          0 hr 45m



A non-invasive treatment to revive, replenish and protect skin with a 3-step Hyaluronic Layering. The rejuvenation serum with hyperbaric oxygen simultaneously infuses moisture, vitamins and antioxidants into the skin for immediate visible age-defying results. Skin will be instantly rejuvenated, radiant and lifted.

Rejuvenation                                RM380.00                                                                            1 hr 45 m

Opulence                                       RM420.00                                                                            1 hr 45 m

Atoxelene                                      RM180.00                                                                             0 hr 45 m

(targeted on wrinkles & fine lines)


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