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Face Meridian Therapy

Using Acupuncture technique with tailor-made cow’s horn applied to lessen muscle tension and free blockages of “Qi” to improve imbalance energy (“Qi”) flow that causes skin irritation or congestion.



  • Absolute Radiance ( 1hr 30m – 45m )
    (suitable for sensitive to oily skin and ladies in their 20’s-30’s)
  • Intensive Rejuvenate ( 2hrs )
    (suitable for sluggish skin with rejuvenation and glow enhancement)
  • Advanced Intensive O2 ( 2hrs 15m )
    (using intensive products, superb for a lifted and anti aging effect)
  • Advanced Intensive Bright O2  (2hrs 15m)
    (with brightening and anti aging effect with intensive products)


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